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here comes the fall LP (CD 2020)

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here comes the fall LP (CD 2020)

1 i rise
2 we all turn to dust
3 the fall
4 fades to gray
5 In her eyes
6 the unbreakable
7 last day
8 as the story ends

produced, mixed & mastered by
Francesco Antonelli

all songs by JM except 4 and 8 by JM & Alfredo
all lyrics by JM

recorded by:
JM: vocals, synths + drums + keyboards programming
F. Antonelli: drums programming, bass, keyboards & piano
C. Damiano: all guitars

aditional vocals
on “i rise” by G. Cambria
on “fades to gray” by Edelita
on “in her eyes” by I. Vecchini

layout & artwork: J. Cazorla
photos: Edelita

recorded in Valencia and Madrid,ES except guitars recorded in Merida,VE